Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bob is Giving Back

Bob was part of a team that went to UMCOR Mission Central in Mechanicsburg PA yesterday. They took a truckload of old computers, monitors, & printers to be recycled, and School Kits for distribution to poor families with children. While there, they packed cleaning buckets, "Flood Buckets," to be available for the next flooded area.

I planned to go, but got called in to work.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bob's Volunteer Experience at the National Archives

Friday was Bob's first day at the National Archives. He was one of many volunteers putting together information for the wives of the Civil War casualties. These documents included petitions for pensions as well as proof of the death of their spouses and the spouses war information. So many of these fellows died of diseases and wounds of battle. Of interest, only the Union forces were entitled to pensions as the Confederate soldiers were considered traitors...the secessionists. A law was passed in the mid twentieth century that reversed this. I don't think many were left to collect their pensions.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aunt Catherine's 97th Birthday Celebration

August 2, 2009 in Damascus, VA

Bob and I met our friends, Linda and Bill Owens in Abingdon on Friday for a weekend of celebration of Aunt Catherine's 97th birthday and the Highlands Festival in Abingdon.

Dan and Amy, Mike and Tamara, grandsons Ben and Evan, and Joanne and Bob Horsht helped Aunt Catherine celebrate her big day with a feast and cake.
Here are Dan, Mike & Aunt Catherine.

Aunt Catherine with her cake

Kay playing Happy Birthday to You on her flute.