Monday, June 23, 2014

Other scenes from Provence

Hats for Sale

Sandy and Jenny painting in Roussillon

View of Gourdes

Shadow of church on house in Roussillon


Genet in front of lavender fields

Beautiful Brantes

Jerry and Janice in the lavender field.


Some of the Ocher cliffs used to mine pigment that is used in paint.

Note the colors of the walls and stones.  Lots of various shades of ocher.

Roof tiles are unique in Roussillon.

Path up to the church.


The village of Perne is famous for it's wall and gates.  As many old villages this was their form of protection.  Inside the gates are many fountains.
We painted this view from this vantage point.

Lunch break in Pernes.

La Coste

Bob balancing Suzanne on his toe while checking his e-mail.  Is he ever hooked on that I-Phone or what?
The Village of La Coste is owned by Pierre Cardin and the Savannah School of Art and Design.

There are only around 400 people in the town, and all are connected to Cardin or the School in some way.

The town is coming back to life due to the restoration done by the two owners.

Abbey de Senanque

This beautiful monastery is located near the town of Gourdes, down a winding road into a deep valley.  We painted here on day two of our painting outings.  The lavender was just starting to bloom. 

Isle Sur La Sorgue

One of the many waterwheels in Isle Sur La Sorgue.
Market day in Isle Sur La Sorgue
Our house was five minutes away from this beautiful village, famous for it's many waterwheels and antique stores.  It is an island surrounded by branches of the Sorgue River.  There are two markets with over a hundred vendors selling food, clothing, flowers, vegetables, cheese, sausages, lavender, linens.  It, also, has a McDonald's, our meeting place for the painters as we ventured to our various painting sites.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Last Day in Provence shared with Jerry and Janice

Lavender fields near Sault

Biker and Maison Bleu

Art Studio

Cat in Sault 

Genet and Lavender

Dining al Fresco in Sault

More lavender fields

My Sharie Shot.


Lunch view from Bramtes

Simple fair, but delish.

Bob and Jerry on the patio.

Our next still life painting.