Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seeing the Surrounding Area - Fontaine de Vaucluse

The Source of the River Sorgue is located in a cave in the town of Fontaine de Vaucluse. The cave is so deep that Jacque Cousteau was never able to find the bottom. An algea grows in the water of the Sorgue that makes it very beautiful. This year was the first time we saw swimmers take the falls with these little half boats. Looks like a real rush. May give it a try next trip.

Painting in Provence Day Five in Perne Le Fontaine

Janice starts her critique, but not until after a delightful lunch.

Perne le Fontaine was our home base for this trip. Our lovely gite was outside of the central walled village, complete with a mote. The town is proud ofd its many fountains and there is a market along the mote several days a week.

Painting Day Four Rousillon

Rousillon is a colorful village. The buildings are made from clay from the cliffs of ochre or painted with pigment from the ochre cliffs. It is just beautiful.

Rousillon on the ochre cliffs.

Beauty abounds.

Bill and Linda Owens strolling the streets of Rousillon

Bell tower of Rousillon

Painting in Provence Day Three LaCoste

One of the many propeties owned by the Savannah School of Art and Design. The town of LaCoste is primarily owned by the Savannah School and by Pierre Cardin

Jerry surveys the narrow streets of LaCoste

Boutique in La Coste

Bob in Lacoste

Finn MacEoin gave us a warm greeting and checked on our progress throughout the day. He is an Irish fellow that traveled extensively. When he could not take his dog from New Zeland back to Ireland, he settled in Provence and wrote a book about his adventures, entitled Two Suitcases and a Dog. Now, he is a caretaker for Savannah School of Art and Design properties in LaCoste

Painting in Provence Day Two Saignon

Lunch in Saignon

Linda's Hat

Our Teacher, Janice Beck, inside the restaurant.

Restaurant window in Saignon. Paintspiration everywhere.

Provence June 2010 Painting Day One in Venasque

Fountain in Venasque

Jenny Kirkpatrick painting next to a doorway

Linda Owens painting in a driveway

Bob painting next to the pastry shop.

The Boulangerie - pastry shop