Monday, December 28, 2009

Missed one.

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause.

Christmas Day

Stacy and Michael hosted a wonderful Christmas day dinner with us and Margaret and Jim Murphy, Michael's parents.

Stacy and Kay play a duet of Christmas carols.
Bob with his hoodie and scarf gift from Stacy and Michael.

Jim and Margaret Murphy

The lovebirds, Stacy and Michael.

Christmas Eve at the McKay House

Traditionally, the Fuller family gathers on Christmas eve for a fun evening of dining, gifting and playing Santa Mayhem. This Christmas eve was way up there on the best of list. We gathered at Glynis & Jim's house, had a wonderful dinner, the younger grandkids opened gifts then the adults got vicious, well almost, over the portable DVD player and digital photo frames.

Jim with his prize

The older grandchildren, Justin, Trenton, April and her friend Monique.

Greg with his prize. Frying pans. Go Greg. Yes, he can cook.

Abigail in her Roxie Girl wig.

Gayle with her gift, at least for a while.

Glynis got a Ninga, OOOOOO baby.

The younger grandkids. Abigail, Peyton, Pierce and Austin.