Friday, April 10, 2009

Lynn Redgrave - What a Gal!

Bob and I attended opening night of Rachel and Juliet, a play written and performed by Lynn Redgrave. It was about her mother's life and roles as Juliet. Her first Romeo was Lynn's father, Michael Redgrave. After having three daughters with Rachel, Michael came out of the closet. They remained married, but Rachel found another Romeo with whom she had a 30 year "secret" affair. Several years after her mother's death, Lynn received a box of letters that her mother had written to her secret Romeo. These letters inspired Lynn to write this play.

At the beginning of the play, the stage was very dark. Ms Redgrave entered stage right and moved towards a chair sitting in center stage. She missed the chair and fell. The music stopped and lights came up. She stood up, said that she was alright, made lite of the accident, went offstage and redid her entrance, as if nothing happened.

She also paid homage to her neice, Natasha Richardson, who recently died in a tragic skiing accident. A few weeks ago she was asked if she should cancel her performance. She said she came from a long line of strong actors and Natasha would expect her to go on with the show.

It was an amazing evening. This wonderful play runs from April 10-12, 2009 at the Folger. For more information check

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