Sunday, May 8, 2011

Broken Promises

I promised to share our vacation with our friends who read our blog, but, alas, our computer is on the fritz and I can only share without pictures for now. We are staying in a darling apartment in Atrani, a 15 minute walk from Amalfi. Our first day of painting was in Amalfi. Bob and I sat on the pier and painted cityscapes from that vantage point. After lunch, we were sitting on a shaded bench when a group of school children gathered around and tried to communicate with their English and our minimal Italian. We ended up painting a miniature painting for each of them and the teacher gave us 12 euros. Butterflies, birds, and snakes were very popular. The took them before they dried, so some of them got smudged, but they seemed happy.

Yesterday, we painted in Atrani. I settled in at a restaurant and painted most of the day there. Bob painted on the beach. Last evening we had a pot luck with the other painters, in Amalfi.

Today, we took the ferry to Positano. What a beautiful town. Once again, I found a restaurant and the waiter, Luca, kept me in coffee and water until Bob joined me for lunch. Such a fun way to paint. Tomorrow, we go to Ravello. More when we get to internet cafe again. K

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